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Enjoyable Golfing Experience

At Indian Peaks, we recognize the importance of pace of play in ensuring an enjoyable golfing experience for all our guests. With the demands of modern life, there’s a growing emphasis on prioritizing pace to make the most of our time on the course.

Through extensive data collection and collaboration with the Colorado Golf Association, we’ve established realistic pace of play standards based on thousands of rounds played on our course. Our goal is to complete a round in 4 hours and 28 minutes, with specific targets of 2 hours and 12 minutes for the front nine and 2 hours and 16 minutes for the back nine, including a 9-minute allowance at the turn. We want you to enjoy your round, however those who want a leisurely 5+ hour round is not fair to those playing behind you.

While we understand the desire to complete a round quickly, it’s essential to acknowledge the popularity of our course and the impact of excessive delays on fellow golfers. Maintaining your position with the group ahead is crucial to preventing backups and ensuring a smooth flow of play for everyone.

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Here to Help

Should your group fall behind, our Player’s Assistants are here to help you get back on track. Rest assured that our staff is dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for all guests, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our pace of play guidelines.

While we strive to minimize disruptions, addressing slow play is necessary to preserve the enjoyment of the game for everyone. We’re committed to providing you with an exceptional golfing experience at Indian Peaks, where challenges and beauty await on every hole. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in upholding our pace of play standards.

Pace of Play Details

A pace of play summary at Indian Peaks

  • Have reasonable pace of play expectations – 4 hours, 28 minutes or less.
  • Expect to play with groups directly in front of and behind you as the golf course will be busy on most days.
  • The ability to simply “zip” around in 3 hours is rarely available.
  • Play the appropriate tees – don’t simply go by yardage. Ask the Golf Staff for recommendations or see the Indian Peaks scorecard

Quick tips for playing within pace

  • Drop your partner off with a couple of clubs and proceed to your ball. Hit when ready.
  • Play from the teeing ground should be faster than any other position.
  • If waiting for green to clear on a Par 5, allow shorter hitters to play first.
  • Once it’s your turn to putt, go ahead and putt until you hole it! No need to make every player mark their ball and wait for someone else every time.
  • If players in your group are playing from different tees, drop off a player or players and proceed to your tee and be ready to play.

Common Comments

“The group behind us is not pushing us.”  Playing golf, especially on a busy course is a one lane road. You can only travel as fast as the person or car ahead of you.

  • Maintain pace with the group directly in front of you.
  • Let us worry about the group behind you.

“I’m not a very good player/high handicapper.”  Score or handicap has less to do with pace of play than most think. Players and groups who are aware of pace of play and the techniques used to allow them to maintain pace with the group in front of them, often have a great pace, regardless of score.

  • Watch your shot(s).
  • Play the appropriate tees.
  • Limit time searching for golf balls to 3 minutes.

“We’ve paid our money and will play however we want.”  Yes, we do receive this statement from guests.  ALL of our guests have paid for a memorable golf experience and deserve the opportunity to play in a reasonable amount of time. This is why we enforce our pace of play, for the enjoyment of all our paying guests.


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