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Updated 2024 Clinic Registration Procedure

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  • For all clinics in July, August, and September, registration will open June 1st at 8:00am

Junior Beginner (Ages 8-13)

Five 75-minute sessions for $139

Designed for juniors with limited experience who typically do not have skills proficient enough to play on a regulation course yet. Juniors in these classes learn basic golf skills and advance their proficiency in an environment that emphasizes safety, etiquette, sportsmanship, and, most of all, fun. Your junior will play their way to a better game of golf by working with FUNdamentals as a beginner and advance their skills by applying these techniques to their practice.

  • Session I: Putting. Grip, Stance, and Alignment for success on the greens.
  • Session II: Chipping and pitching. Introduction to full swing.
  • Session III: The full swing with irons. Grip, stance, posture, and the basics of a sound swing.
  • Session IV: The full swing with woods. Transference of instruction from the iron swing to the longer clubs.
  • Session V: Skills challenges and evaluation.

Five 75-minute sessions for $139

6:1 student to instructor ratio

Note: All juniors need to have sunscreen applied and an ample supply of water.  Parents are encouraged to observe the classes from a distance so as not to make the juniors feel self-conscious. By observing, parents can learn the skills that juniors should be practicing.


2024 Junior Beginner (ages 8-13)
Class CodeDatesDayTimesCapacityRegister
JRBEG-1 May 11-18-25- June 1-8 Saturday 9:00-10:15am 12 FULL
JRBEG-2 May 15-17-22-24-29 Wed/Fri 4:00-5:15pm 12 FULL
JRBEG-3 May 28-30- June 4-6-11 Tue/Thu 11:00am-12:15pm 12 FULL
JRBEG-4 June 3-5-10-12-17 Mon/Wed 12:30-1:45pm 12 FULL
JRBEG-5 July 11-16-18-23-25 Thu/Tue 10:30-11:45am 12 REGISTER
JRBEG-7 July 13-20-27- Aug 3-10 Saturday 11:00am-12:15pm 12 REGISTER
JRBEG-8 July 13-20-27- Aug 3-10 Saturday 12:45-2:00pm 12 REGISTER
JRBEG-9 Aug 1-6-8-13-15 Thu/Tue 4:15-5:30pm 12 REGISTER
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